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Sea Salt, Fleur De Sel

Sea Salt, Fleur De Sel

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Fleur de sel (pronounced "flure-de-SELL") is a rare and costly type of sea salt harvested in select regions of France. Its French translation, "flower of salt," perfectly captures its delicate texture and flaky appearance. This exquisite salt is best used as a finishing touch on dishes, and it hails from the renowned Guérande region of France. Considered the crème de la crème of French gourmet salts, fleur de sel is only produced under specific weather conditions and collected by hand using special sieves, which explains its steep price. Unlike ordinary sea salt, which is obtained from evaporated seawater, fleur de sel is truly a luxurious product. Plus, many so-called "sea salts" are actually mined from underground salt deposits that once formed in ancient oceans.


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