About Us


Life44 was the brainchild of myself and my amazing wife (the smartest women I ever knew, until she said I do). After spending my younger years thinking hamburger helper was high cuisine, I started teaching myself how to cook. There were few nights were we had to make a call to Pizza Hut but I continued to learn. I then began learning the power of spices and spice blends. After playing around and making friends and family taste everything, not just once but 22 times I then knew I needed to share our spice blends with the world. And that's how Life 44 started.


So, as anyone knows coming up with a name can be difficult. After a lot of reflection, we chose Life 44. Live, laugh, love & learn. The double fours come from our kids and sports. At one time or another, they all have worn a jersey with a 4 or 44 on it. The four represents not only my kids jersey numbers but my philosophy when I’m cooking… Live for the food, laugh while you’re cooking, love who you’re cooking for and learn along the way. I hope we can bring a little bit of Life 44 to your life every day.