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Sarsaparilla (Mexican)

Sarsaparilla (Mexican)

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Hailing from Southern Mexico and commonly found in South America (especially in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Belize), Mexican Sarsaparilla isn't just for brewing tea - its liquid extracts add a unique taste to beverages, baked treats, and desserts.

Sarsaparilla offers a one-of-a-kind mix of flavors, melding notes of:

  • Sweet Licorice: For a delicately sweet essence.
  • Golden Caramel: Bringing a touch of luxury and complexity.
  • Vanilla Bean: Lending a subdued sweetness.
  • Frosty Wintergreen: For a cool and revitalizing touch.
Some even compare its sugary and root beer-like flavor to that of a natural remedy. And with the addition of various herbs, sarsaparilla boasts a distinctive medicinal taste.
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