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Cardamon, Green - Whole - 1.5 oz Bag

Cardamon, Green - Whole - 1.5 oz Bag

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Green cardamom, a member of the ginger family, is a versatile spice used in Indian cuisine. Its rich, complex flavor can add depth to both sweet and savory dishes, while also offering a variety of health benefits. Known for its warm, herbal, citrusy, spicy, and slightly minty taste, this type of cardamom is commonly used in sweet recipes but can also elevate the flavors in savory dishes. Additionally, chewing on cardamom pods is known to calm stomach upsets and freshen breath.

Potential Health Benefits

May improve digestive health and oral health, may reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. May lower blood insulin. May aid in Protecting the liver and the heart, aiding in cancer prevention and diabetes treatment, fighting depression and asthma. Has antibacterial and antimutagenic properties.

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