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Cardamon, Black - Whole - 1.5 oz Bag

Cardamon, Black - Whole - 1.5 oz Bag

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Originating in India, Cardamom is a popular spice used in South Asian cuisine. Fun fact: chewing on Cardamom Pods can soothe a stomachache and freshen your breath! Each pod holds around 20 fragrant seeds. It's commonly used in India and the Middle East, with the Green variety being the most popular. Curiously, White Pods are actually just Bleached Green Pods. For an extra kick, try swapping Black and Green Cardamom in your dishes - although the Black version is believed to be superior in spicy and rustic recipes.

Get creative with these black cardamom pods - use them whole for a unique taste in any dish, or crack them open, take out the seeds, and grind them into the famous powder for a different flavor. Whether you store them or process them right away, these pods are sure to add a playful twist to any meal.

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