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The Nampa Framers' Market opened up last week and I just knew we had to go and see what delights these incredible Idaho farmers had for us. I just love going to the local farmers' market and becoming inspired and this week was no different. While walking through the market I came across some of the most beautiful mushrooms I have ever seen in my life thanks to Groves Country Mushroom Farm. These things were unbelievable so I knew I had to get them and then I'll figure out what to do with them. I will say it did not...

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Za’atar is a Mediterranean spice mixture typically of dried herbs, sumac, sesame seeds and salt. It is great with pita bread and olive oil, meats and especially on vegetables. This time I wanted to try the Za’atar on a Margherita Flatbread and see how it turned out. How did it turn out you ask? Well after giving the wife and the three teenagers their portions before I could even plate myself a slice they all wanted more. I split my slice for them and went to work on making more. It really was that tasty. This recipe will go into...

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Avocado toast… when did this fruit on bread, that tastes amazing become so controversial? At its humble beginnings, it is only crushed avocado on bread which has been toasted. When or why did restaurants start charging so much for a crushed piece of fruit on toast? Why do so many people pay so much for avocado toast when it is really the single simplest thing you can make at home for less than half the price? Well… I don’t have those answers but I am going to walk you through making this fruit on bread. I honestly felt bad about...

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