Skillet Jalapeno Corn

Skillet Jalapeno Corn

This summer I have the greatest honor of catering for two good friends’ wedding. I have known them both for a few years or so and they are so perfect together. Like all couples they will have ups and downs but if they love each other, half as much as I love she who must be obeyed… well they are going to be just fine. Life really is a roller coaster, you will have ups and downs but love will always find a way. Anyways, I am getting off topic this blog is about food and not love and marriage.

One of the sides that I will be serving for their wedding is skillet jalapeño corn. This side is creamy, sweat and has a little kick to it. It’s also easy to make unless you are doing it for 250 people but that’s my problem not yours. Unless you want to help? No, serious will you help me?

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