Minecraft Steve Birthday Cake

Minecraft Steve Birthday Cake

A friend of the family asked if I could make a cake for his son’s birthday party. He is a huge Minecraft fan and wanted Steve’s head for the cake. Now I love decorating cakes, but I have never decorated one that was pixelated like this one. The Minecraft cake was a lot of fun to make, but it did take a bit of time to make. 

Ensure to give yourself enough time to work on this cake. It’s going to take a lot of time from start to finish. After some planning I decided to go with a 10″X10″ cube for Steve’s head. 

Making the Cake

The cake ended up being about 8-9 layers high to make the full 10″ cube. Steve’s head had a basic buttercream frosting for the filling and my tasty marshmallow fondant for all of the pixels. 

I counted all of the pixels that was needed for the entire cake and once counted I counted again. A roller cutter was used and set to a little over an inch. The roller cutter ensured that all the pixels were cut to the same size. I must admit that with out this roller cutter this cake may have never been completed. It was a great time saver.

After cutting out all the pixels I started to apply each pixel one by one. A little sugar glue was used to make sure the pixels stayed in place. I found that my measurements were slightly off when I got to the top of the cake. If I was to do this cake again triple checking my measurements would have been a requirement. I also started from the bottom and worked my way up (maybe starting at the top and working down would have been better??). If you attempt to make this cake, leave a comment letting us know which way you tired and if it worked better. Thanks for stopping Life44…live, laugh, love & learn.

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