Habanero Mango Cowboy Candy

Habanero Mango Cowboy Candy

I love spicy foods and growing jalapenos in our garden is a way for me to ensure that I always have a steady supply. So with anticipation of spring and summer coming soon, I started thinking of ways to use all those wonderful jalapenos. That's where cowboy candy or candied jalapenos came to mind.

Cowboy candy is really simple to make and our recipe only requires four ingredients. That's right only four if you use Idaho Spice Company Habanero Mango Seasoning. If you haven't yet purchased our Habanero Mango Seasoning you should. It goes great on chicken, shrimp and even the rim of your margarita glass. You can simply add 1 tsp granulated garlic, 1/2 tsp cayenne and 1/4 tsp turmeric in place of our seasoning.

A quick tip here... WEAR gloves. This is something I think we all had to learn the hard way. I think many of us have chopped peppers and then rubbed our eyes. Ouch! I have even used the restroom after chopping peppers and... well I learned right then and there to always have gloves on hand. I don't wish that pain on my enemies.

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Hi Glenn. We used Jalapenos, but added our seasoning that includes a habanero powder and mango. You don’t have to use the habanero seasoning, but we wanted an extra kick.

Idaho Spice Company

Please explain how the recipies name is Habanero Mango coboy candy when the peppers ued are jalapeño peppers
I wondered if habaneros are inter chargeable


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