Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls rank right up there with chocolate as one of the greatest treats ever. The husband will say bacon but as always he’s wrong. There is nothing better than starting your day with a hot cup of coffee (or a London Fog) and a warm gooey cinnamon roll.

This cinnamon roll recipe has been a family favorite during the cold weather months and the teens always ask for it once the leaves start to turn color. This year I thought I would share the recipe and even have the husband help. After taking about twice as long, drinking half a bottle of wine and telling him repeatedly that bacon does not go in cinnamon rolls we were finally finished and blessed with amazing cinnamon rolls. Quick reminder to myself… do not under any circumstances bake with the husband. I feel like I shaved two years of my life.

This KitchenAid made mixing the dough for this recipe so much easier than mixing by hand. It saved so much time and so much complaining from there husband. It really is a lifesaver.

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