Chicken Tortilla Soup

Chicken Tortilla Soup

This recipe came to be because I put a whole chicken in a crockpot, left to go hiking and came home hours later without going to the grocery store. Yes, I forgot a few needed ingredients to finish making chicken noodle soup and there was no way I was heading to the store. But I also know I have my go to favorite, Idaho Spice Company Taco Seasoning

Digging through the refrigerator I found some corn tortillas, sour cream, chipotles in adobo sauce and cilantro. When I picked up the cilantro I knew what must be done. Chicken Tortilla Soup. It must have been years since I last had this amazing and flavorful soup.

You can make this soup as simple or complex as you wish. You can use rotisserie chicken and just shred it at home, or you can roast a chicken at home and use the leftover chicken for chicken quesadillas the next night.

I recommend cooking this soup in a Dutch oven. If you don’t have one, you need to buy one right away. You can use either an enameled cast iron or a traditional cast iron. Either one will do the job. 

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