Badass Meatloaf

Badass Meatloaf

Bearded Badass Beef Rub. Can it get any better? Oh, yes it can. You can use our bearded badass beef rub and make the ultimate, I mean ultimate badass meatloaf. This meatloaf is stuffed with cheese and then bacon is layered on top (yes, I did say bacon) and finally BBQ sauce is added on top of the bacon. This is the what you have been looking for. Let’s all say goodbye to those boring meatloaves from our childhood that was 50% bread and say hello to bacon and cheese.


This meatloaf is pretty easy to make and will please the entire family. The key ingredient that you cannot skip out on is our Bearded Badass Beef Rub. I mean you could skip out on it but then it wouldn’t be a bearded badass meatloaf would it? It would just be a bacon and cheese stuffed meatloaf. See, it doesn’t even sound appetizing does it? Let’s get cooking.

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