Crochet Plush Square Throw

Crochet Plush Square Throw

This plush crochet square throw is so comfy and warm for a cold winter’s night! This will keep you warm and snug while the other half watches another episode of Bob’s Burgers. You can switch up the colors with this pattern to make a beautiful throw to your choice. I made this blanket the first time for my daughter with a Bernat yarn.

The second time I used this pattern I used a heavier yarn (Yarn Bee, True Color), which was pretty, but very heavy, which also kept me much warmer for those cold Idaho nights. I made this blanket for a school raffle (Go Vallivue), so I needed to sport the school colors (brown and gold).

My preference if I use this pattern again would have to be the Bernat yarn. It is more plush and less heavy. It’s like hugging my husband without the gas.




I started with a 60×60 square for my daughters blanket, but she asked for me to make it a little bigger for her bed. It is very easy to adjust the size of this blanket as you go, you can just add another round.


  • Chain (ch)
  • Slip Stitch (sl st)
  • Double Crochet (dc)


Chain 4 and join with a slip stitch to form a ring. (You can also use a magic circle instead)
Round 1: Ch 5.  Work 3 dc into the center of the ring, then ch 2. Repeat the ‘3 dc, ch 2’ two more times into the center of the ring. Work 2 more dc into the center of the ring, and join with a sl st to close.
Round 2: Starting at any corner, tie on a new color.  Chain 5. Work two dc into the center of the ring. Work a dc in each of the next three stitches. When you get to the corner work two dc, ch two, then two more dc in the ch 2 space from the previous round. Continue to work the next side the same way, work a dc in the next three stitches, then work the next corner by working 2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc all in the same space. Keep working in this manner all the way around the square. At the corner where the round began, work one more dc in the corner space, Join with a sl st to close round.
Round 3: From any corner, tie on a new color. Chain 5. Work 2 dc in the same space. Work a dc in each stitch across the top (there will be seven this time), Work the corner the same way as the previous round (2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc) Keep going all the way around, working the corners and the sides like round 2. When reaching the last corner, work one more dc, and join with a slip stitch to close.
Repeat round 3 until square measures about 60 inches across (or desired dimensions). Every side will grow in stitch count as the square gets larger, but corners are always worked the same way.
Weave in any ends that remain and you are all done!
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