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This summer I have the greatest honor of catering for two good friends’ wedding. I have known them both for a few years or so and they are so perfect together. Like all couples they will have ups and downs but if they love each other, half as much as I love she who must be obeyed… well they are going to be just fine. Life really is a roller coaster, you will have ups and downs but love will always find a way. Anyways, I am getting off topic this blog is about food and not love and marriage....

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The Nampa Framers' Market opened up last week and I just knew we had to go and see what delights these incredible Idaho farmers had for us. I just love going to the local farmers' market and becoming inspired and this week was no different. While walking through the market I came across some of the most beautiful mushrooms I have ever seen in my life thanks to Groves Country Mushroom Farm. These things were unbelievable so I knew I had to get them and then I'll figure out what to do with them. I will say it did not...

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I love spicy foods and growing jalapenos in our garden is a way for me to ensure that I always have a steady supply. So with anticipation of spring and summer coming soon, I started thinking of ways to use all those wonderful jalapenos. That's where cowboy candy or candied jalapenos came to mind. Cowboy candy is really simple to make and our recipe only requires four ingredients. That's right only four if you use Idaho Spice Company Habanero Mango Seasoning. If you haven't yet purchased our Habanero Mango Seasoning you should. It goes great on chicken, shrimp and even the rim...

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