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Amore, Pasta -

This baked ziti recipe is a family favorite. It’s quick to make, budget friendly and gets on the dinner table in no time at all. This recipe has been around since I was knee high to a grasshopper and my mother passed it down to me. Of course, I could not leave it alone with out making a tweak or two. Sorry mom.

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Chicken, Instant Pot, Pasta -

Lately I have been working on recipes using the new Instant Pot that we picked up a few months ago. I have tried a few different things with the Instant Pot and I must say that this recipe for Buffalo Mac and cheese is amazing. The Instant Pot also makes it a breeze to make. Clean up is also so easy that the teens fought over who would do dishes that night. You can easily customize this recipe to your tastes. Add more buffalo sauce or add less. I also used mozzarella, cheddar and pepper jack cheeses but you can use what...

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Pasta, Veggie Lotion -

In Idaho right now the temperature is close to reaching 100 degrees. I know when it starts getting that hot I want something cool, tasty, quick to make and has bacon. This bacon ranch pasta salad is so good that you will absolutely come back for seconds. I mean it has bacon right? This pasta salad is so flavorful using Life44 Veggie Lotion (ranch seasoning). I am so happy that we have a dry ranch seasoning where I can actually pronounce all the ingredients. Add some bacon, cheese, olives, peas, mayo (Dukes is my favorite), and pasta and you have a great side...

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