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Recently I have been introducing the teenagers to the wonders of Spam. All the amazing dishes you can make with just a can of Spam. There’s spam and eggs, spam fried rice, spam hash… ok I need to stop because I’m sounding a little like Bubba from Forrest Gump.

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I recently had the opportunity to compete on a food truck competition show. No, I cannot say what show but if you put two and two together and come up with five you will know what show I am referring to. The biggest point is that I left home for over a month and was unable to post, test or taste new recipes for my readers. So the moment I arrived home guess what I did? I made a drink because after a month of filming and cooking daily I really needed one. Living in Idaho for the last 15...

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I love spicy foods and growing jalapenos in our garden is a way for me to ensure that I always have a steady supply. So with anticipation of spring and summer coming soon, I started thinking of ways to use all those wonderful jalapenos. That's where cowboy candy or candied jalapenos came to mind. Cowboy candy is really simple to make and our recipe only requires four ingredients. That's right only four if you use Idaho Spice Company Habanero Mango Seasoning. If you haven't yet purchased our Habanero Mango Seasoning you should. It goes great on chicken, shrimp and even the rim...

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